It’s the most dependable part of the light fixture. Led’s operability, efficiency and life depend upon driver parameters, fixture design and parts, applied in constructed device.

But the core characteristics of implemented LED have strong impact on light quality and light color temperature. For many years we use expertise of Japan and USA engineers from CITIZEN and BridgeLux.

We use from one to four LEDs in our powerful fixtures with individual optics on each led to be sure in curve distribution quality and in power consumption.


Led Driver is responsible for led protection from voltage surges. Driver’s quality directly influences on life cycle of light fixture. We adopted devices of a number of modern manufacturers.


Our models contain highly clear borosilicate lenses with enchanced mechanical durability and with a wide range of light beam opening angel, starting for 2 degrees (Highly narrow) and up to 140 degrees (Wide).


Leds, Lenses and Drivers are important but not only parts of light fixture. The manufactured fixture contain screws, wires, reflectors and diffusers. Also, we design our own fixture bodies to reveal best parameters and power/light efficiency for the price.